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If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his own language, that goes to his heart. ‒ Nelson Mandela

Jungle IT курси


If you are interested in developing English language skills that are useful in an office or other business environments, this course is definitely the one for you. You will expand your vocabulary, improve your ability to write and speak in English in professional interactions, and learn terminology and skills that you will be able to use in emails, business negotiations, presentations, meetings and interviews. Desired level: Pre-Intermediate or Intermediate.

Jungle IT курси

Програма курсу

Communication English course is 2 months. Maximum practice. Maximum knowledge.

*кожна тема складається з 80% практики.

2 заняття на тиждень по 2 години. Тільки Англійська.

8000 UAH


Topic 1. Introductions

  • Listening : Introducing other people, small talk
  • Reading : How to introduce yourself in a text message
  • Speaking : Role-playing dialogues, discussing topics
  • Writing : An introduction letter
  • Grammar : Present Simple, Present Continuous
  • Vocabulary : Greeting somebody, introducing a colleague, making small talk, talking about your job.

Topic 2. Business meeting

  • Listening : How to save the world (or at least yourself) from bad meetings
  • Reading : The new-old fashion meeting
  • Speaking : Role-playing dialogues, discussing topics
  • Grammar : Past simple, Past Continuous
  • Vocabulary : Types of meeting, collocations with ‘meeting’

Topic 3. Feedbacks

  • Listening : The secret to giving great feedback
  • Reading : Employee feedback: examples to guide and drive development
  • Speaking : Role-playing dialogues, discussing topics, TRIC model
  • Writing : Writing feedback
  • Grammar : Used to, would
  • Vocabulary : Praising someone, constructive feedback, getting feedback

Topic 4.Exit interview

  • Listening : An exit interview taking place
  • Reading : Exit interviews
  • Speaking : Role-playing dialogues, discussing topics
  • Writing : A dialogue between an HR representative and an employee
  • Grammar : Linking words
  • Vocabulary : Assessment, criticism, phrasal verbs

Topic 5. Negotiating deals

  • Listening : 3 steps to getting what you want in a negotiation, negotiation extracts
  • Reading : Negotiating the sale
  • Speaking : Discussing topics, role-playing dialogues
  • Grammar : Continuous forms of tenses, modifiers, e.g. a bit, a little, would/might/could
  • Vocabulary : Opening the negotiation, stating/probing inter

Topic 6. Performance appraisals

  • Listening : A performance appraisal between Sandra, a customer service agent, and her manager, dare to disagree
  • Reading : Performance reviews
  • Speaking : Discussing situations, role-playing dialogues
  • Writing : 4 Tips for an Effective Employee Performance Review
  • Grammar : Past Simple, Present Perfect
  • Vocabulary : Collocations with ‘performance appraisals’, the potential benefits/drawbacks of performance appraisals

Topic 7. Troubleshooting

  • Listening : Problems and solutions, calling IT support
  • Reading : How does troubleshooting work
  • Speaking : Role-playing dialogues, discussing topics
  • Writing : An email to customer support
  • Grammar : Dependent Prepositions
  • Vocabulary : Technical vocabulary, saying that there’s a problem, checking what somebody has done to try to fix it, giving a possible reason for the problem, making a suggestion

Topic 8. The changing workplace

  • Listening : How to know if it’s time to change careers
  • Reading : What skills will the workforce of the future need
  • Speaking : Role-playing dialogues, discussing topics
  • Writing : Tips for leaving your job gracefully
  • Grammar : Gerund and Infinitive
  • Vocabulary : Useful expressions - metaphorical language

Topic 9. Video CV

  • Listening : A conversation between two people discussing the making of video CV
  • Reading : The rise of the video CV
  • Speaking : Role-playing dialogues, discussing topics
  • Writing : Writing a script for your own video CV
  • Grammar : Past tenses
  • Vocabulary : Virtual recruitment, edits, application

Topic 10. Leading in a crisis

  • Listening : How to lead in a crisis
  • Reading : Maintaining perspective when leading through crisis
  • Speaking : Role-playing dialogues, discussing topics
  • Writing : An email to your employees
  • Grammar : Prefixes, different forms of the word
  • Vocabulary : Crisis, character traits for leaders.

Topic 11. Making decisions

  • Listening : A woman is describing how to answer a common job interview question, how to make faster decisions
  • Reading : How to write a persuasive prospecting emails for decision makers
  • Speaking : Role-playing dialogues, discussing topics
  • Writing : An email to your manager
  • Grammar : Reflecting on a past decision
  • Vocabulary : Business decision making, describing decisions

Topic 12. Business ethics

  • Listening : Interview with a Business Professor
  • Reading : The ethics of modern business
  • Speaking : Role-playing dialogues, discussing topics
  • Writing : An explanation of the ethical scandal
  • Grammar : Modals of Ability, Past and Present
  • Vocabulary : Ethics, controversy, morale

Topic 13. Deadline and project plans

  • Listening : How to meet each and every one of your project deadlines
  • Reading : The #1 reason you miss deadlines
  • Speaking : Role-playing dialogues, discussing topics
  • Writing : A project that you are involved or would like to be involved
  • Grammar : Wish / If only / Regret
  • Vocabulary : Project terms, timeline, idioms with ‘deadline’

Topic 14. Creating stronger connections

  • Listening : Ways to create stronger connections
  • Reading : Why is it important to build connections
  • Speaking : Role-playing dialogues, discussing topics
  • Writing : An email thanking for help
  • Grammar : Future forms
  • Vocabulary : Idiomatic language, work relationships

Topic 15. Presentations

  • Listening : How to ace a virtual presentation, listening to short presentation
  • Reading : What makes a good presentation, comparing presentations
  • Speaking : Discussing topics, preparing and practicing a presentation
  • Writing : Presentation on a chosen topic
  • Grammar : Revision of various tenses
  • Vocabulary : Types of diagrams, concluding, dealing with difficult questions, giving details, introductions, main points, referring to visual aids, signposting the first or next topic

Topic 16. Managing tasks

  • Listening : Best methods for task management
  • Reading : Task management tips
  • Speaking : Role-playing dialogues, discussing topics
  • Writing : A list of tasks
  • Grammar : Passive voice
  • Vocabulary : Types of tasks, describing tasks, time management

Bonus. Preparation for tech interview

Jungle IT курси

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Jungle IT курси


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English Mentor

Ментор англійської мови більше 6 років. Вирішує труднощі у вивченні мови та застосовує різні підходи викладання. Допомагає покращити розмовні навички. Після занять Ви зможете: спілкуватися з клієнтами; вивчати професійну літературу; розуміти термінологію; працювати з технічною документацією.

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