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Why we are better tester’s courses? It's simple, instead of boring theory here you will test real projects and look for real bugs. Maximum practice - maximum knowledge.

При купівлі QA Basic та QA PRO курсу ціну знижено до 11 900 грн

Jungle IT courses


QA course Basic is designed for students with no experience in IT and related education. We will learn the basic concepts required by the tester, get acquainted in practice with the basic testing processes and terminology. We will help you learn a new profession and determine where to develop a tester in the IT. Simple and easy course for a successful start and effective result.

Jungle IT courses


2 months

Intensive training and practical classes.

8 weeks

Work on real-world tasks and get irreplaceable hands-on experience.

32 hours

Work with our mentors.

16 hours

Speaking Club in technical English with native speakers.
Jungle IT courses

Bonuses for you

Online materials. No synopsis is needed.

Certificate and online copy of the course completion.

Mentor’s support.

Jungle IT courses

HOW We learn


Classes are held on weekdays, 3 times per week. Leading specialists share their practical experience. Videos and other materials are available throughout and after completion of the course.


We study theory on real-world examples learning only the basics.


Practice is an important aspect so we pay more attention to practice.


Constant communication with the mentor in solving all issues.

Jungle IT courses

Course program

The basic course is 2 months. Maximum practice. Maximum knowledge.

* each topic consists of 80% practice.

2 lessons per week for 2 hours. Software testing only.

Cost: 6000 UAH.

1 lesson a week for 2 hours Speaking Club in technical English with native speakers.


Topic 1. Introduction. Basics of software testing basics.

Consider a minimum of theory. Remember the basics. Let's learn to look for information independently. Let us dispel the myth of the need to 'master' terms and standards.

  • Software product life cycle.
  • Types of testing.
  • Glossary of Terms for QA Engineer.

Topic 2. QA engineer and product quality

Let's learn the quality value . Let's live QA engineer's day. We feel the requests of companies on their own skin.

  • The quality of the product.
  • How a QA Engineer can Affects Product Quality. Or can’t?
  • What we expect from a QA engineer (customers, managers, developers and team as a whole)

Topic 3. Testing as a lifestyle

Consider the psychological aspects of quality assurance engineer work. Here are the maximum examples of work in IT companies. Let's discuss lifestyle, prospects and opportunities for development. Let's pass a practical test for understanding the specialty as a whole. Let's define your readiness for big changes!

  • Algorithmic mathematician or literary thinker? Who is he - QA engineer?
  • Testing is not for everyone.
  • What is the future in the QA of an engineer (let's look at several options).

Тема 4. Документація в QA.

  • Стандарти написання документації.
  • Робота з вимогами та специфікаціями.
  • User Stories
  • Як писати документи в QA.
    • Test Plan. Структурні елементи.
    • Test Cases. Структурні елементи.
    • Bug reports. Як шукати баги?

Тема 5. Професійні Test Management Tools та Bug Tracking Tools

  • TestLink
  • ReadMine
  • Squash ™

Тема 6. Тестування Web додатків

  • Юзер інтерфейс елементи та їх властивості
  • Developer Tools
  • Firebug

Тема 7. Тестування Mobile додатків

  • Емулятори та симулятори

8. Іспит.

9. Співбесіда

Jungle IT courses

Students review

Jungle IT courses


QA, PM Mentor

Inna Kozak

Ph.D of IT, IT Consultant, Mentor, Co-Founder of Jungle


I am 10 years in IT and I know how build and manage a talent team. I’m a talent acquisition specialist with an interest in building the most effective workforces possible. I’m helping IT businesses find their perfect hires. I also do consulting on project management.

QA Assistant

Maria Shkolnik

QA Engineer

I'm purposeful, proactive and ambitious young professional motivated by the potential of QA Engineering. Team player with good communication skills. Responsible, diligent and calm. I would like to learn new technologies by participating in the new projects.

Jungle IT courses


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